Empowering Women in STEM Through Fashion
Empowering Women in STEM Through Fashion
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This weekend, I finished reading the book Brotopia by Emily Chang. In Brotopia, Chang brings awareness to factors that often cause women to leave the tech industry. Throughout the beginning of the book, I found myself relating to the hurdles women face, starting out in the tech scene. For instance, growing up, I found it difficult to find female leaders in STEM to look up to. This is why I created Trendsetter, to help other girls find empowering role models that look like them. When we see other women proud of their technical passions, we will feel more like we belong in the STEM community. We will also be more likely to then stay in tech and work to fix other issues in tech culture.


Image from http://www.sfweekly.com/topstories/emily-chang-will-bring-down-the-brotopia-forever/   


Another organization working to increase the number of women in STEM is Tech Ladies. They help women find jobs at trendsetting companies that are working to fix social issues in tech culture. When you sign up here and are verified, you will gain access to their job board of engineering, design, QA, marketing, ops, and other positions at tech companies. They also have a Facebook page and host networking events to help build the women in STEM community. Tech Ladies offer a dynamic solution to counter the problems described in Brotopia


Image from https://www.hiretechladies.com/

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