Empowering Women in STEM Through Fashion
Empowering Women in STEM Through Fashion
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Partnership with Esteem Girls Inc.

20% of profits from purchases on Trendsetter Gear are donated to Esteem Girls Inc.

Founded in 2016, Esteem Girls Inc. is emerging as a groundbreaking opportunity for girls specifically those from under-resourced communities and minority girls in the Philadelphia metro area.

Esteem Girls Inc. hosts a STEM after-school program, STEM summer camp, tutoring in Math & Science and other programs to increase girls’ enrollment in STEM fields. Not only does Esteem Girls teach girls about math and science, but they also tap into building their self-esteem and resilience and puts those skills into the context of their studies, life, and future careers. 



Dance classes are fun, gym memberships keep your body fit. STEM learning is fun, keep your mind active & fit, increases your aptitude and confidence in STEM. This will follow your child through high school, college, and for a lifetime.                              - Renee Harris

Renee Harris is the Founder and CEO of Esteem Girls Inc. She is also currently working on STEM products for the same demographic and opening a preparatory style all-girls STEM pre-school. Her future plans are to open an all-girls STEM school, enrolling students in grades 1-8.



Learn more about Esteem Girls Inc. at https://www.esteemgirls.org/ 

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