Empowering Women in STEM Through Fashion
Empowering Women in STEM Through Fashion
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Our mission at Trendsetter is to empower women in STEM through fashion. We provide items for women to flaunt their career choice and learn about strong female role models in STEM fields.

When women are able to see greater representation in STEM and find role models that look like themselves, more women will feel empowered to join the STEM community. 

"Trends do not just happen, they are the results of choices people make" - Sheryl Sandberg




I am Raquel, founder of Trendsetter. Currently, I am studying Engineering with a concentration in Design at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. At Olin, our goal is to make engineering education more accessible. Our unique experimental approach, paired with an inclusive environment, change the way we teach engineering and allows us to maintain a 50:50 female to male ratio! 

My goal is to apply what I am learning at Olin to support women in the STEM community. I am grateful for the opportunity to study engineering in a gender-balanced environment, and I want to help make this a more common reality for women everywhere. Having a visible presence of female engineers around me, I have found a supportive community in my journey towards becoming an engineer. I want to help build that community for others.

With Trendsetter, by empowering women in STEM through fashion, the next generation will see stronger female representation in STEM fields. We're setting the trend for women in STEM!



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